TAUR is a Polish brand of doors, divided into four series tailored to different customer requirements: OPTIMA, PVC, POPULAR and MINIMUM. Each series has an individual specification and a quality equivalent to the price range. Before buying tell us what you wish to receive and we will help you choose an appropriate series. This way any disappointment will be avoided.

Optima Series is our best series, whose parameters are chosen so as to meet the expectations of demanding customers. Both the visual and practical is polished with attention to detail. Better, more resistant materials used to produce a high-quality accessories, interesting structure and high resistance to weather conditions. The doors have a low thermal conductivity and good protection against noise. Frames and glazing are selected according to individual orders according to customer preferences and precisely mounted in the door frames.


PVC Series is a series of doors, at a lower cost than OPTIMA series and proved technical parameters. Several models perfectly match both the apartment in blocks (including SMOOTH doors, with no knockouts) and houses as the main entrance or side entrance door. The door leaves are filled with polyurethane foam and PVC veneer finishes this model. The color of the door veneer matches the color of window veneers. The door is resistant to weather conditions and meet the requirements of Class 2 anti-burglary. Perfect for those looking for a compromise between good thermal properties and resistance to UV and a low price. Glazing in this series are also adjusted according to the customer preferences.


Popular Series is a series of doors, at a lower cost than PVC Series. Popular choice, especially for apartment in blocks or as the entrance door to the house, but under proper roofing that protects from UV rays. The door has a specific, eye-catching surfaces made in Thermal Transfer technology. It is characterized by crisp, clear color imitating the structure of the tree. The doors of this series are also thicker than the standard discharge which further emphasizes the interesting design. It is a compromise between price and quality for those who seek something more than the cheapest product and appreciate the attractive design but with the basic technical parameters kept, which include sufficient thickness providing non-wavy surface, thick flank (7 cm) or more insulation material and 2 independent locks allowing the conclusion of the contract of insurance.


Minimum Series is a series of doors at a lower cost than the Popular series, the cheapest on offer. It is a minimum of technical parameters but a branded product that provides access to assistance service. In addition, in Minimum series the most models have the surface finished with powder paint, UV resistant, so that the door can be assembled outside the buildings.